Thursday, 2 November 2017

Reasons to Start Using SharePoint for Your Business

It’s hard to describe what SharePoint does in a single line but you can think of it as a Swiss army knife for all your business needs. SharePoint can be used for collaborative projects, document management, business intelligence, intranet, extranet, website content management and a lot more! Moreover, a Microsoft Dynamics SharePoint expert can be instrumental in customizing it specifically for your business.

Let’s dive into the benefits of using SharePoint.

1. Document management simplified

This platform allows you to store, retrieve, archive, track and easily manage all your documents and records in a single place on your server. And with OneDrive for Business, you can even store it in the cloud. It advance search options let you find a particular file quickly and the entire system helps in several compliances.

2. Enhanced accessibility

Looking for a file stored on your crashed computer can be tough. But it’s not a problem when all of your business documents are stored in the cloud. Simply access them through any web browser through Windows, Mac or Android devices. Or even better, use their app for it!

3. Team collaboration redefined

No need to use another fancy software for working on team projects and collaborative documents. Just create a team site on this groupware capable platform and smoothen your team’s efforts. MS Outlook and Project are a part of MS Dynamics SharePoint integration too!

4. Gentle learning curve

Most organizations utilize Microsoft Windows for their business needs. Since SharePoint has a similar user interface, using it comes naturally and intuitively for the employees. This saves the business a lot of time and money in special training of employees and can be adopted quickly.

5. Website content management in-built

Again, there is no need to use a separate content management system like WordPress or Joomla for managing your company’s website. SharePoint is more than capable of handling it for you.

6.    Bring all stakeholders on the same platform

Employees can access the stored information meant for them through intranet portal. Suppliers and supply-chain partners can access the same through extranet portal, and customers through the website. And all of that can be controlled from a centralized location. As easy as it should be!

7. Business Intelligence at your disposal

Easy data mining and report presentation to gain insights into your business processes

8. One tool to rule them all

As evident from all the above points, there is no need for separate tools for different processes. Save training time and money for buying and maintaining different tools.

9. Customize it to your specific business needs

Hire a Microsoft SharePoint expert to get a tailor-made suite for your company. SharePoint customization helps you to gain maximum mileage out of your platform.
Irrespective of the industry that your business belongs to, MS Dynamics SharePoint has the capability to improve business productivity and reduce costs. Don’t know where to start? Simply contact us and we’ll help you out!

Thursday, 26 October 2017

5 Reasons Why Microsoft Dynamics GP is Better than NetSuite

There was a time when Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software could only be used by large enterprises who had the capital and resources to deploy it on their premises. But with the rise of SaaS and subscription based OPEX ERPs like Microsoft Dynamics GP and Netsuite, small and medium businesses can jump on the wagon too.

Most SMEs seeking an ERP solution have a hard time choosing between these two particular options, but there are quite a few Dynamics GP features that give it the edge!

1. Different requirements, different deployment options

NetSuite offers only web-based solutions to its clients on a monthly subscription basis on per user basis. That works fine until the company wants to scale-up and take the control in its own hands with on-premise installation. In such cases, they’ll have to move to another platform and you already know how costly and time-consuming data migration is!

Dynamics GP offers users a choice between cloud-hosting (on Azure), on-premise hosting and even a hybrid of the two. The best part is, you can opt to change the hosting site anytime!

2. Seamless integration enhances productivity

Microsoft brings the versatility of its Office 365 software bundle with Dynamics GP too. The synergy of cloud-based ERP and powerful Office tools, which most employees are generally familiar which enhances the productivity of the business manifolds. And since the interface is common to the Windows user, the learning curve is quite gentle and requires zero to minimum training. Apart from the native Office apps, third-party app integration is possible too.

3. Power of true customization

The “one-size fits all” approach of NetSuite means that its users can’t get it to be modified easily as per their business’s requirements. On the other hand, Dynamics GP features a modular approach, which enables users to modify the software themselves without coding. If you want support for the customization, next point is for you.

4. Vast network of certified partners

Customization is at the core of Dynamics GP, and can be done by the users themselves. But, if you want the complete package to be modified as per your needs, simply consult a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner in your local area and get going!

5. Cost-effective

The MS Dynamics GP pricing is rather flexible and enables you to save substantial amount as compared to the rigid licensing scheme of Netsuite. You can provide different access rights to different users and save money on the lighter users. With customization, you can select which modules to use and pay only for them. And, finally, Office 365 programs mean that you save on other third-party apps for specific tasks.

Small and medium businesses can only start small and SaaS based ERP solutions have opened the gates to ERPs for them too. But those SMEs who have visions of scaling-up (all of you do!), go ahead with Dynamics GP.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

How Microsoft Dynamics Support Businesses ?

The industrial marketplace of today presents an open platform to businesses across the borders. With the right business solution, people can work effectively and can manage growth to benefit from globalization.
Microsoft Dynamics profile offers Microsoft Axapta as an integrated, flexible business management solution that organizes financial, supply chain and customer relationship processes. It is user-friendly solution that allows people to make informed business decisions.

Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta can help you run a business across nations and locations by standardizing and centralizing processes. Its wide array of industry-specific solutions provides visibility across organization and helps to simplify compliance. Here’s how Microsoft Dynamics Support businesses to meet current needs and future demands:

1. Quick and effective working :-

The solution with usual Microsoft user experience allows managers to focus on business, instead of spending time on learning new applications.

1. Employees can work effectively with an intuitive user interface to prioritize, systematize, and access information and tasks.
2. Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta expands decision-making with tools for reporting and business intelligence that help managers analyse data through Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Office Server.
3. It helps foster strong associations between employees, customers, and associates using unified
collaboration and communication tools.

2. Capitalize on business opportunities : -

Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta has a service-oriented architecture that enables managers to add users, support business models, and scale the solution for big, dispersed enterprises.

1. It allows development and modification of interim work streams that adapt swiftly to varying industry and user demands.
2. The organizations can choose the required solution package and later add facilities as the business grows by capitalizing on existing investments in Microsoft services.

3. Acquire status of a global contender :-

Microsoft Dynamics support the expansion of businesses across borders through country-specific capability and functionalities for multiple currencies and languages.

1. The solution unifies standards, ensures quality by consolidating processes, and allows management of supply chain across divisions and locations.
2. Microsoft Axapta can be combined with Microsoft BI (Business Intelligence) applications to boost the analytic skills vital to running a complicated business environment.

4. Stay ahead of regulatory obligations :-

Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta saves effort and time with workflows that implement controls based on compliance and risk scenarios.

1. The solution ensures regularity with consistent processes that combine compliance data and examine internal changes.
2. Microsoft Dynamics support sharing of compliance activities through an in-built tool for managing guidelines, process documents, reports, and chief risk indicators.
3. Organizations can reduce business costs and insecurity of safeguarding corporate compliance data using powerful security features of Microsoft Axapta and other Microsoft services in their IT infrastructure.

5. Make the most of IT investment :-

Businesses can look forward to getting a return on their investment with Microsoft Dynamics.

1. Its user-friendly tools and a well-known interface encourage users to adopt the solution quickly.
2. Organizations can increase the value of their data by allowing more users to access processes and information in Microsoft Axapta at lower licensing cost.
3. Close integration with Microsoft technologies helps improve the overall performance of organization’s IT infrastructure.

MS Dynamics service framework can be easily integrated with trading associates and related business systems. This helps organizations to impose internal controls and adapt business processes to the current models.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Fostering Dynamism in Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the new generation of intelligent business solution that facilitates faster growth of your organization. For building better and never ending customer chain your company needs to transform, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 paves way for you to meet the needs of your patrons. It is a power-packed intelligent management software that increases the efficiency of the sales employees in your company by facilitating better interactions with your target customers.

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales will illustrate you the ways in which you can organize your daily activities, thereby helping you take accurate steps for better sales. The software helps your sales people to work in a smarter way hence increasing their efficiency and your organization’s productivity.

Some touch-points of the productive use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales:

1. Collaborates with customers: Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can get in touch with target customers at the touch of a click. Moreover, it creates modified documents and templates for your sales team so that your people can instantly connect with customers and provide them the information they are looking for. Undoubtedly, Dynamics 365 helps you grasp better opportunities by making it easier for your employees to get insights about potential clients.

2. Updates Sale tactics: Microsoft Dynamics partner you through better prediction of sales and guides you to effectively strike at targets by earning more returns from every sale that comes your way. Since the software is embedded with Power BI you can create reports and also explore the performance of your sales department. Accredited with Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization, the software facilitates you with an updated information about customers and sales instantly.

3. Intelligent Customer administration: The software helps you smartly manage your organization, hence relieving you greater time for selling your products. It boosts your efficiency by giving you key insights of the sales trends. Using a MS Dynamics Partner you can seamlessly multiply revenues and shrink costs as it computerizes all your sales procedures via an extremely instinctive channel of programming.

4. Focused Action: Implemented with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization, Dynamics 365 helps you concentrate on customer specific preferences. Not only does it help  in taking proactive action but also gives you dependable insights which help in building a better relationship with clients. Based on forecasting the prospective trends, this smart business solution increases the sales and diligently helps you to personally connect with your customers.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Microsoft Dynamics: An Intelligent Application for Adroit Management

The need of the hour is to be techno-servant. Today, being technically up-to-date is a vital task that can strengthen your company’s prospective. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the latest additions in technology that helps in smarter management of your business. A unique CRM for small businesses, this software provides you with an intelligent business application that will help you manage the whole business productively. Since it fosters smarter customer engagement, can be relied upon for building better customer chain. This blog will let you know the details of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What does the Dynamics 365 do:

1. Targets customer engagement: Microsoft Dynamics 365 keeps in record all the touch points of customers. Starting from consideration to the level of purchase, this software helps in better access to customer interests and expectations. By keeping an eye on the changing trends of demand, it helps in building trust and fosters higher satisfaction amongst customers.

2. Empowers staff and optimizes the setup: The software keeps your employees updated with the latest insights and targets in the sector. The intelligent processing of this CRM application smartly manages your business needs, helping you gain accolades both from employees and customers.

How does it work :

1. Microsoft dynamics 365 works as a CRM for small businesses and helps your company deliver customer specific services on the basis of information from social media platforms and mobile sites. The software believes in proactive functioning rather than reactive functioning.

2. The software uses automation technology that collaborate tools and helps in giving a complete overview of customer client relationship.

3. The software reinvents business model according to the market trends. Its intelligent decision making restructures your company according to the latest trend. Since you are in swing with the latest developments, your company can seamlessly enhance its services and concoct satisfied customers.

Why only Microsoft Dynamics:

Microsoft believes in making achievers. It endeavours to cater digital intelligence through its CRM business solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365. The data visualization capabilities of this smart software enable productive prediction of customer specific services. This helps in capturing newer and better opportunities for your organization. The software is one of its kind that can help you effortlessly manage the entire business by assisting you in acquiring better and happy customers.

Every company has its own set of rules and administration criterion. No two companies run on the same parameters. Before adopting any CRM solution for your business, compare the available software in demos. Through Microsoft Dynamics demo you can compare the tools and features of various CRM solutions. The Microsoft Dynamics demo gives you quick and accurate information about the software you intend to adopt.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Microsoft Dynamics Navision for Information Technology

The core areas of business which fuel the growth of an organization are technology and innovation. They further envelope sub-domains such as software, information systems, computer hardware and programming languages.

With intense competition confronting organizations, they are under constant pressure to innovate at a very high level. With a dependable ERP by their side, they are assured of insights and agility which take their businesses towards a winning position. The ERP helps manage records, maintain employee details nicely, ensures orders are being shipped and received on time, timelines over deliveries are known and adhered to and most importantly work gets going without the organization having to face any sort of disruptions.

Microsoft Dynamics Navision as one of the more successful enterprise resource planning applications for the IT Industry is a good choice. Having already proven its worth in Marketing, Sales, Operations, Human Resources, Supply Chain and Manufacturing etc. now it is being tried out for uncommon functional areas which it was not known to be tried out for before.

Information Technology and Asset Management are a couple of such functional areas in which the NAV has been tried out recently and much to everyone’s surprise has experienced great success as well.

Financial Management in the IT Industry is taken care of by unarguably the Best ERP for Small Business owners.

1. NAV offers multiple language and multiple currency capabilities that help do business in the IT Sector globally
2. NAV helps deliver greater accuracy and timeliness in a company’s accounting processes
3. NAV helps discover activities and relationships that are completely unprofitable
Dynamics Navision for Information Technology

Microsoft Dynamics Navision for the IT Industry helps:

1. Make crucial data and information accessible to people across the organization
2. Control processes across the length and breadth of the organization
3. Improve resource management, project coordination and monitoring of accounts
4. Ensure bills and profits are checked for with accuracy
5. Optimize operational efficiency and empowers to respond fast to changes
6. Facilitate access to data and technical changes quickly
7. Implement processes quick and effectively
8. Collaborate better with partners and suppliers
9. Organize tasks and assign them accordingly and take decisions based on reliable data
10. Observe orders apart from ongoing projects and their distribution
11. Analyze data from top to bottom, sieve the productive part and discard the unwanted part
12. Take full advantage of the latest business models and developments
13. Evaluate the organization’s success thoroughly and check whether proper progress is being made or not with respect to the company’s strategic initiatives
14. Obtain data in detail on profits and revenue trends
15. Collect important data related to the life cycle of the product and also the company’s service history
16. Save information from transactions past and present, especially the complex part
17. Meet last minute changes in customer orders whenever the situation arises
18. Customize customer support in such a way that customers feel well attended to
19. Respond fast to customer inquiries

All these qualities of the NAV make it one of the finest enterprise resource planning applications to be currently used in the market. These also make it the most appropriate and perhaps the Best ERP for Small Business owners.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Suite Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been a rage ever since its release late November last year. The latest avatar of the Microsoft CRM System, the software suite has successfully re-introduced Microsoft’s CRM offerings through 5 separate stand-alone applications mainly Dynamics 365 for Sales, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation and Dynamics 365 for Field Service Automation. So much to the extent that, all those who have worked on these have just one thing to say and that is they do not miss the premier customer relationship management system crm anymore and are happy with how Microsoft has repackaged it.

Besides there are a lot of other functionalities that the customer relation management system has to offer in its latest incarnation. One of these are the Intelligent Suite Capabilities. This is categorically for enterprises and small and mid-segment businesses operating out of India. Powered by Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning Processes and also with some degree of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support, companies will be empowered to reinvent business processes.

Some of the Intelligent Suite Capabilities in Dynamics 365 include the likes of:

1. Sentiment and Intent Analysis
2. Preemptive Service and Relationship Insights
3. Lead and Opportunity Scoring
4. Product Recommendations and Up-Sell and Cross-Sell.

These capabilities that have been mentioned above can be further extended with independent apps offering targeted and domain-specific intelligence. Dynamics 365 includes a new customer insights app, something which is an analytics app and helps connects and analyze data from Microsoft and other widely used CRM and ERP Apps and also IoT Data.

These are certainly going to add to the rising popularity that Dynamics 365 is already enjoying amongst the corporate brass, with plenty of accolades already coming in thanks to the stand alone apps that have been made available for use in the form of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Field Service Automation and Project Service Automation. This popularity has been the reason that has made companies such as Adobe tie up with Microsoft, with Adobe offering to tie up its marketing cloud with the software giant’s cloud services.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available to the world in two different editions, namely the Enterprise Edition and the Business Edition. Both are available on a subscription per app model, which means that the end user does not have to purchase them, rather can subscribe to the app which he wants to use at a very nominal fee. As it happens, the new-app based subscription model is going to help businesses to use only those apps which they feel a need for, on a subscription basis.

Microsoft has gone on record saying that businesses will get one holistic subscription for all the information on their fingertips and this way they will get to save four or five times the cost of traditional CRM providers.